Updated Design

In 2018, publicly the project went quiet after updated cost estimates put the designs well over the allocated $85 million project, but behind the scenes, the work didn’t stop. Engineers, planners and designers began an iterative process to simplify the project design and reduce cost while maintaining key project benefits.

By late 2019, a new design emerged that came within striking distance of the budget and preserved most of the key benefits from earlier . This new design is a simplified version of one of the original alternatives studied in the environmental review. The newly estimated cost is $98 million, and project partners under the City of Longview’s lead are seeking federal grant support to close the gap.

The updated design features:

  • Smaller, simplified bridges and bridge types
  • Realigned rail lines to reduce right-of-way costs
  • Shorter timeframe for road closures on Oregon Way during construction

Click the images below to explore the design under current consideration and compare them to the two alternatives from the Draft EIS.

High-level rendering of updated project design
Ground-level rendering of updated project design
High-level rendering of updated project design, SR 432
High-level rendering of updated project design, SR 433