Industrial Way/Oregon Way Intersection Project

Welcome to the Industrial Way/Oregon Way Intersection Project, or as we call it, IWOW. We invite you to learn about the project and its history, explore resources and connect with us to stay informed. Thanks for visiting!

Project Overview

IWOW is designed to eliminate traffic backups as a result of three rail lines crossing with traffic at the intersection of Industrial Way (State Route 432) and Oregon Way (State Route 433) by grade separating the roadway.

Grade separating means that vehicular traffic will be able to travel through the new intersection above ground level, independent of the rail lines below.

By elevating the intersection, IWOW will improve mobility for everyone who travels through this heavily congested corridor. It will also provide better access to the jobs and businesses located on the banks of the Columbia River—an international trade corridor that connects our region to the global economy.

The Washington State Legislature allocated $85 million for the design, engineering and construction of the project in the 2015 Connecting Washington transportation funding package. The environmental review process began shortly thereafter, and in the spring of 2018, an initial preferred design alternative was identified.

As the preferred design was refined, the estimated project cost came in much higher than the funded $85 million, in part because we discovered we would need to build deeper foundations than expected to support the proposed bridge structures due to poor soil conditions.

The City of Longview and its partners are seeking additional funding through the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) discretionary grant program to make up a $13 million funding gap identified during design alternative analysis. The City submitted this proposal in mid-March 2021. WSDOT is continuing work with local partners to modify the design of the project and reduce the cost while maintaining key benefits.

As part of ongoing work to identify a revised project design that fits within budget, WSDOT is in the process of conducting a traffic circulation study and additional coordination efforts with the residential and business community. Concurrently, nearby properties have been purchased, a project activity that can occur years before construction begins. This fall, people who frequently travel through the area will see crews begin demolition of the strip mall that included a Subway and Starbucks at the intersection of Oregon Way and Industrial Way.

Current Schedule

The Industrial Way/Oregon Way Project Timeline includes: Preliminary Engineering planned from Winter 2020 to Spring 2022. Environmental Permitting is planned from Winter 2022 to Spring 2023. Right of Way acquisition is planned from Winter 2022 to Fall 2023. Design/Build and Procurement is planned from Spring 2022 to Spring 2024. Final Design and Engineering is planned from Sinter 2023 to Spring 2025. Construction is planned from Fall 2023 to Fall 2025.